Senior Embedded Software Engineer - XD-RDC-002

The Role

  • Responsible for the open source platform development of V2X-ITS and other advanced technologies, high precision navigation
  • Responsible for supporting the company's MIMO platform development
  • Responsible for providing internal software support for the next generation of ASIC
  • Responsible for implementing RTL according to specifications
  • Complete other temporary work arranged by superior

Required Qualifications

  • Understand the software stack and architecture requirements of 5G, O-RAN, V2X and other vertical applications
  • Rich experience in C++/C programming
  • Familiar with ARM platform and driver development and transplantation
  • Familiar with Linux operating system programming
  • Familiar with DDR, Flash, Ethernet MAC, I2C and SPI, as well as all kinds of hardware modules and interfaces
  • Familiar with Ethernet and Wi-Fi firmware and software development

Desired Qualifications

  • Have a deep understanding of LTE/5G software architecture, and have experience in LTE/5G product development


  • Bachelor/Master