Security Architect - XD-RDC-011

The Role

  • Responsible for overall planning and architecture design of core functions, participating in requirement analysis, architecture design and technical decision making;
  • Responsible for providing product performance tuning, optimization and reorganization, and solving key problems and technical problems in the system;
  • Responsible for providing system level technical support in the field to solve the key problems of cross module, cross layer or end to end performance;
  • Responsible for creating solutions that balance business needs with information and network security needs;
  • Responsible for feasibility study, requirement analysis and specification writing of safety characteristics;
  • Responsible for instructing and training engineers and continuously improving their team capability;
  • To complete other temporary work assigned by superiors.

Required Qualifications

  • Familiar with AES, 2DES, RSA, ECC, SHA and other commonly used cryptographic algorithms
  • Familiar with common network protocols, including TCP, UDP, SNMP, DNS and DHCP

Desired Qualifications

  • It has the knowledge and experience of identity and access management, user rights management, key management protocol (KMIP), effective key management technology, and X9, NIST and other industry standard guidelines
  • Have knowledge and experience in modeling and analyzing threats to complex safety systems.


  • Bachelor or master