Senior Systems And Algorithms Engineer - XD-RDC-005

The Role

  • Responsible for developing innovative wireless communication signal processing algorithms or protocols
  • Responsible for customized design, algorithm modeling and simulation, and physical layer implementation
  • Responsible for docking with hardware, software and system engineers to ensure that system requirements are met
  • Complete other temporary work arranged by superior.

Required Qualifications

  • Have an in-depth understanding of wireless communication theory and related signal processing algorithms (such as symbol timing recovery, filtering and interpolation, channel estimation and equalization, modulation and demodulation, OFDM, MIMO, pilot tracking, STC, MRC, antenna diversity, Viterbi, turbo, LDPC decoder, random signal processing, detection and estimation, RF damage estimation and correction, etc.).
  • Experience with system simulation, performance optimization, and architecture trade-off between hardware and software implementation.
  • An expert with OFDMA working experience and latest knowledge.
  • Experience in lab commissioning of wireless system.
  • Experience in converting floating-point model to fixed-point model meeting system specifications.
  • Experience in bit truth and delay matching of fixed-point model in cooperation with RTL designer.

Desired Qualifications

  • Learn about WiMAX or LTE or 802.11ac MAC and PHY
  • RF experience.


  • Bachelor degree or above