Siliconwaves Set Up Headquarter in Wuxi

On November 18, 2021, Dr. Haiyun Tang, the founder and CEO of Siliconwaves Technology Co. Ltd., met with Cui Rongguo, Director of the Management Committee of Wuxi High-tech Zone and Party Secretary of Xinwu District, and attended the signing ceremony of the IC design project of the "Core Fire" platform in Wuxi High-tech Zone. The China headquarters officially settled in Wuxi High-tech Zone.

Dr. Tang Haiyun visited the main leaders of Wuxi City and Wuxi High-tech Zone successively. After in-depth and friendly discussions and negotiations, Siliconwaves signed a framework agreement to settle in Wuxi High-tech Zone. The Wuxi government has provided strong policy support to Siliconwaves Technology in the form of subsidies and investment.

Secretary Cui Rongguo stated: The high-tech zone is building a "6+2+X" modern industrial cluster. As one of the landmark advanced industries, the integrated circuit industry is one of the key industries that the high-tech zone is striving to build. At present, Wuxi High-tech Zone, as an integrated circuit industry highland, has formed a complete IC industry ecosystem covering integrated circuit design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing, and equipment materials. The projects signed through this event are top-tier and unique in terms of top team/talents, advanced technical level and huge market potential. Under the full support of the policies for the IC industry in the high-tech zone, the success of these projects will in term elevate Wuxi’s IC industry in the ecosystem value chain, promote and deeply integrate innovation process into the industry, and attract top designers/engineers/scientists to Wuxi creating a confluence of high end projects and accompanying talent pool. The high-tech zone will follow the mantra of “Nothing cannot be done, always try our best” so that the government will “never be burden, but always helpful” and actively implement policies and help our companies grow and flourish.

Siliconwaves Technology Co., Ltd. Was founded in September 2021 by luminaries in the wireless and chip industry with the core team from world's top universities and leading companies. Building upon a revolutionary multi-standard SoC Platform, Siliconwaves ASIC products address a wide range of market segments and providing an integrated silicon platform for communication, computing and Intelligence. The company has successful commercial deployments in nearly 30 countries across 6 continents. Siliconwaves is headquartered in Wuxi, China, with offices and R&D centers in Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi'an, the Bay Area and India.

Bringing together world's top wireless chip designers, through years of R&D, Siliconwaves has developed a set of core technology building blocks and entry barriers in terms of algorithms, hardware, software, and chip design and production experience, which laid foundation for rapid iteration of future generations of ASIC chips.